Despite all the bad news surrounding Iraqi affairs, it is not all doom and gloom. According to the Iraqi Integrity Commission, an organisation tasked with monitoring and eradicating bribery and corruption in Iraq, the level of Bribery in government departments is less than 3%.

As part of the National Campaign to Eradicate Bribery, the Iraqi Integrity Commission produces regular reports. In its latest report published in July 2013, the Integrity Commission stated that out of 129,449 Iraqi Citizens surveyed only 3,770 had paid or attempted to pay bribes to Government officials. This has put the bribery mark at less than 3%.

Only 0.6% had paid bribes because the government officials or staff had asked for it.

Of those who paid bribes

  •  2,986 were male while 713 were females.

         Education Level

  • 1043 were educated to Graduate levelintegrity-commission-iraq
  • 663 were educated to Secondary School level
  • 590 were educated to Primary School level (had left the education at Primary School)
  • 492 held a Diploma or vocational studies certificates
  • 210 were illiterate (who can not read or write)
  • 101 had Masters degree
  • 27 were PhD educated and above.

When asked about the reasons why those who paid bribes had paid them, the numbers were as follows:

  • 961 said they wanted their applications or requests to be completed more quickly.
  • 883 accused the government departments and its officials/staff for delays to their applciations’ progress
  • 812 said the government staff had asked for bribes.
  • 98 said they paid bribes to get work done which does not conform to laws or regulations. To avoid law or regulatory checks.
  • 144 provided miscellaneous reasons.
  • 1362 had not specified a reason for paying the bribes.

When asked if they felt they needed to pay bribes to get their work/requests completed, the response was:

  • 121,444 said they did not need to pay bribes.
  • 5,914 said that bribes could get “work done quicker”.
  • 344 were not sure.

Source: Iraqi Integrity Commission Bribery Eradication report – July 2013


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