A prominent Egyptian Shia Leader Hasan Shehata was attacked by over 3000 mobs in Giza district of Egypt and killed in a horrific targeted hate attack on Sunday 23rd June 2013.shehata
Shaikh Shehata a 66 years old man,  was a widely respected scholar in Egypt, a Muslim thinker and a democratic reform advocate. He has always insisted on peaceful reform and stood firmly by the Egyptians people’s demands of justice and freedom. These stance may have caused the Authorities -under Egyptian President Mr Morsi- to turn a blind eye towards his attackers.
Despite multiple attempts to request Egypt’s Security forces to intervene the authorities did absolutely nothing for over 6 hours. Pictures have circulated in social media outlets showing the Army and Police force standing on the side while the victims were being brutally attacked.

One eyewitness, Hazem Barakat, told the Ahram newspaper that police stood by and did nothing to stop the attack.

Egyptian Security forces standing by while victims are brutally attacked.

Egyptian Security forces standing by while victims are brutally attacked.

He was attacked because he was a known Shia leader, claimed the attackers. His body was mutilated and dragged on the street as it was shown by a  video which circulated shortly after the incident. Along with Mr Shehata, 4 Shias of his relatives were killed including a teenager and 30 others were injured, some in serious condition, in this vicious attack.
Some analysts suggest that, this incident is another episode of the Shia Genocide happening around the world.
The Shia leader was a peaceful knowledgeable indiviual with immense respect among the Shias and mainstream egyptians generally. He was attacked by mainly Salafi mobs mobilised by Al-Qaeda affiliated Salafi Shaikhs in the area.
This presents another chapter of Mr Morsi’s continued failures to restore security and bring peace to the fragmented Egyptian society.
Baha Anwar, an Egyptian Shia in statement said: “We hold The president -Mr Morsi- accountable and we shall pursue legal action against him for terrorising  minorities and failure to protect his own people.”

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