FSA or Free Syrian Army who are presented to us as the “Goodies” fighting the nasty Assad regime turn to Cannibalism not out of Hunger but out of Anger. They are blatantly blagging about it too!

Bashar Al-Assad is a dictator who inherited the “Presidency” of a Republic from his father  Hafez Al-Assad. Both men ruled the country with an iron fist fit only for a Socialist Baathist regime. The Baathist regime in Syria is another branch of the Baath regime in Iraq during the deposed brutal ruler Saddam.

Despite the  ruthlessness and brutality of the Syrian apparatus, they could not match the rebels of the so called “Free Syrian Army (FSA)” the most influential and heavy armed segment of which is Jabhat Al-Nusra an Al-Qaeda affiliate who are flying the black flag of Al-Qaeda on Syrian Streets and bringing along with it a Black and Bleak days ahead .


A 1370 years old historical site destroyed by the Syrian rebels.

The rebels and after destroying the over 1000 thousands years of heritage in Halab, burning the Old Souk of Damascus,  exhumed a grave of a man who died 1370 years and now they have turned to Cannibalism.


In a video on social media, the rebels are filmed cutting the limbs of young Syrian men claiming they are Syrian National army soldiers.

In a grotesque and cruel act they then try cutting parts, including the heart of the deceased and eat it in front of the cameras.

A Question ..

To those living in the Democratic and Human-Rights-respecting countries of the west..

Can you imagine what will these guys FSA & al-Qaeda are capable of if they take over Syria?

Be Rest-assured … that the US has provided over $250 million to these rebels and the U.K. has publicly pledged over £35 million (over $53 million).

What atrocities will be committed in the “Free World” which would be planned, orchestrated and funded by JAN (Jabhat Al-Nusra) and their Al-Qaeda comrades in Syria?

Warning below is an extremely violent and gruesome video, recorded here only as evidence of the unimaginable   brutality and savage nature of these psychopathic killers.


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