In the first Elections since the withdrawal of U.S forces the Iraqi Independent Electoral Commission (IHEC) has confirmed that 6,400,777 voters have cast their votes.

This has been a great success and another show of Iraqis’ determination to achieve a better future for their country and decide their own destiny. The elections went smoothly and without any recorded incidents despite the repeated threats by terrorists.

2013 elections Iraq - GIF

Iraqi Elections Turnout by Province – 2013

*Please note these are Initial Numbers and may increase.

Some Election Stats

Overall Turnout: 51% (Similar to Turnout in 2009 Elections)

Number of Registered Eligible voters: Approx. 13,800,000 (Including 14,000 prisoners, 55,000 hospital patients and 53,000 displaced Iraqis eligible to vote).

Number of voters turned out: 6,400,777 voter

Elections are held: 12 provinces (out of 18 provinces).

4 Provinces are part of the semi-autonomous region Kurdistan with their Elections in September 2013, 2 provinces (Anbar, Nineveh) have requested to postpone their elections due to security reasons.

No. of seats contested: 378 seats in Province Councils (Local Government).

Total Number of Candidates: 8138candidate

Female Candidates: 2205 Candidate

Male Candidates:  5933 Candidate

This is the 6th Voting exercise by Iraqis in 10 years.

  • 2004 National Assembly Elections
  • 2005 Constitution Referendum
  • 2005 Parliamentary Elections
  • 2009 Provincial Councils
  • 2010 Parliamentary elections
  • 2013 Provincial Council (Saturday 20th April)

Number of Parties and Alliances competing: 256 Political Entity and 50 Political Alliance

International Independent Observers (non-Iraqi): 350 Observer

Local Independent Observer: 6,000 Observer

Political Parties’ Observers (Political Entity Representatives): 267,388 representative

Polling Stations: 5,370 (5,178)¹

Ballot Boxes: 32,445 (32,201)² election ballot box

Including Polling Stations in Prisons, Hospitals.

Polling Stations Opening Time: 07:00 to 17:00 (Baghdad Time)

IHEC Help Centre Freephone: 2800 calls received from Voters. (The freephone number is 5777)

Local Help Centres set-up by IHEC: 12 Help Centres (One in every province).

IHEC staff (Including reserve staff): 180,000 Member of Staff

100% of Staff in this election were Iraqis.

Local Journalists and Media: 2,256 Registered Journalist

International Journalists: 187 Journalist.

Source: http://www.ihec.iq/

1 An Earlier report IHEC

2 An Earlier report of IHEC


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