Locals forced to pay for food they can’t afford for themselves. Anbar, Iraq 2013

In Iraq’s western province Anbar, the “Sunni” protest organisers are forcing people to pay 3000 Iraqi Dinars (approx. $3) per person to pay for the food of the protestors. The Anbar protestors get three meals per day with the Lunch as its “busiest time” according to a Food Committee Member.

According to the Daily Iraqi Newspaper Al-Estiqama one family man had to pay 9000 Iraqi Dinars as he had to pay for his wife and child too. Local residents are paying those “contributions” as they are fearful of the consequences.

Tribal Leaders are also being threatened to pay up or else!


Tribal Leaders had to pay for the hired equipment and tents, courtesy of Al-Farooq Catering. Anbar, Iraq – January 2013

Protest organisers demanded funding to cover the costs of food, drink, Mobile Phone credit and other items the protestors may require such as blankets, tents, cigarettes and even Tea.

Those tribal leaders and community elders are warned of severe consequences if they don’t comply and that the “peaceful” protest organisers will not be able guarantee their safety.

Such approach is known from the days of 2005-2007 sectarian violence where memebers of Al-Qaeda and Sunni Extremeists used force locals to pay or provide accomodation to the terrorists.

The protests are witnessing a growing presence of Sunni Hard-liners who are “pursuing their own break-away agenda” according to Reuters.

“Senior Sunni sources say the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), part of the Muslim Brotherhood, is the prime mover in a campaign to create an autonomous Sunni fiefdom, by force if need be.”  Reuters.

“Sunnism is our slogan and an -autonomous- region is our goal,” the firebrand cleric -with links to Al-Qaeda- Sheikh Taha Hamed al-Dulaimi told demonstrators in Anbar in a video on his website.


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