Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki was allocated a land in the middle class area of Al-Etifiya (At-Tifiya) part of the highly sought after district of Al-Kadhimiya, north of Baghdad.


The Shrine of Imam Al-Kadhim, Grandson of Prophet Mohammed and 7th Shia Imam. Al-Kadhimiya District was named after him over 1300 years ago.

The land given to Al-Maliki is 700 square metre (on the banks of River Tigris) and it is estimated to be worth between $1.5 and $2 million (in excess of £1 million GBP).

Al-Maliki has donated the land to a leading Iraqi Orphans organisation supporting 5600 orphans.

According to “pro-opposition” Baghdadiya News, Al-Maliki has donated this land to the orphans as a sign of gratitude and recognition of their parents’ sacrifice who have been killed by terrorists.


Nouri Al Maliki with a group of Iraqi orphans in 2009 during a visit.

This may seem like a pre-election stunt. The news broke out as part of an attempt to uncover corruption in the government and it has not been publicised on the official site of Iraq Prime Minister office pmo.iq. Al-Maliki and his party have not yet used it in their election campaign either.
Iraqi Civil Service laws allocate land to senior civil servant as part of the Iraqi Government remuneration package depending on seniority, position and length of service .


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